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Someone once asked a well-known business consultant how many employees did a company need before they should outsource their payroll. He answered "Two". Start up companies often do not succeed because the owner has to spend too much time figuring how much they are to be paid, how much is to be deducted, when taxes are due, how much are the taxes.... We relieve the burden of payroll by providing one stop service for all payroll processing.

The End Result, Inc. is able to offer payroll services to small to medium size companies with 3 to 100 employees.

We offer:

  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly Payroll
  • Gross pay Calculations (hourly or salary)
  • Deductions (Social Security, Federal Withholding, )
  • Withdrawals (Benefits, Loans and Advances)
  • Payroll Tax Accrual and Deposits
  • Paycheck Printing
  • Quarterly Reporting
  • Federal Wage Tax Return
  • Federal Unemployment Deposits
    State Unemployment Tax Return
  • Annual Reporting
  • W-2 Employee and W-3 Social Security Transmittal
  • 1099 Independent Contractor and 1096 IRS Transmittal


The End Result, Inc. will issue each of your employees a paycheck consistent with your payroll schedule. You simply report the hours and we will do the rest. We will calculate regular pay, overtime pay, vacation time and sick time. You stop wasting time and focus on the business of growing your business. No time wasted writing paychecks each pay period and reconciling your payroll account. You have to write only one check each pay period.


The End Result, Inc. will save you time by calculating the various complicated payroll deduction taxes. We assume the liability for accurately calculating employees' Social Security, FICA Medicare, Federal Withholding, Federal and Florida Unemployment taxes. We will also help you track the payment and repayment of employee loans and advances.


The End result, Inc. will be responsible for making timely tax deposits. You can eliminate potential penalties for not depositing critical payments on time.


The End Result, Ins. will be responsible for filing time consuming payroll reports, i.e. Quarterly 941 and Florida Unemployment reports, W-3 transmittal and Employee W-2's, 1096Transmittal and Independent Contractor 1099 form.


  1. A completed form W-4 for each employee, including the employee's rate of pay.
  2. A copy of your most recent quarterly Florida Unemployment (UCT-6) Report to verify current
    unemployment rate and account number.
  3. Company Federal ID Number
  4. A copy of your most recent health insurance statement and the percentage or dollar amount of employee benefits paid by the Company for each of the following.

    A. Employee
    B. Employee/Spouse
    C. Employee/Children
    D. Employee/Family

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